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Well it's 3.34am , still sat holding bowl for robbie, throwing up, but at every chance ive had, i have been reading about pureed foods, and using them with a mini button , i don't know if it's just a panick thing or what, but could this help reduce sickness? could this help with acid and so on? does anybody do pureed food when tube feeding and as it helped with sickness, any help on this i would be greatfull, this would be so much better than an operation to re-do the fundo , or would they still have to do op? with stomach moving up into chest? GOOD-GOLLY MISS MOLLY , i've got a right headache,,,,, must dash got to empty bowl !! ,
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Oh dear Blush
I can relate to the late night vomiting episodes and its such hardwork in the nightConfused

In regards to the acid you refer to etc what medications is little Robbie on at the moment for this?

Big hugs for the hard times
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Hey hun, personally I would of thought that if they opted for a fundo before they will probably want to re-do that. Euan used to have bolus feeds of nutrini which is a milk that solidifies in the stomach, he also used to have pump feeds overnight but they always used to make him vomit in the morning. We managed to avoid the fundo by having an anti sickness medication and an anti reflux med twice a day. I do think pureed food is meant to help as its easier to digest but if he's got it that severe he had a fundo I'm not entirely sure that would work alone hun Sad hope he's sorted soon, its not nice seeing them sick xx

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