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good on you Daniel, BUT DONT KEEP US WAITING TO LONG Wink
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This site is just perfect for myself and probably to all others registered-I have learned so much from this site and being able to talk to others in the same situation is brilliant. Thank you Daniel + Gang for all your hard work! x
Things can be hard on occasions but well worth it!Heart
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Just got back onto this forum after my computer wouldn't let me log in and read this! What a crazy situation to put you both in.
Problem is Daniel, some people can't handle good competition and that's how they obviously saw PODC - what underhand tactics to use - sad, sad, sad.
Whay couldn't the police have interviewed you at home or at a time to suit you anyway?
I LOVE this forum and even though I don't get onto it as much as I'd like it's actually 'comforting' to know it exists and that people like you, Lucy, Corinne etc care enough about parents with disabled children to take the time and effort to ensure we have somewhere to go to share our worries, concerns and joys with like minded people. So THANK YOU for always being here for us. Hope you are all okay after your ordeal. xx
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WOW!!!! Well firstly I hope your children have calmed down it must have been very distressing for them to see that and know you weren't there.

As for the other site complaining like that it is uncalled for and I would think you would be more then entitled to sue them for slander but alas we do not live in America Tongue.

Anyway on a serious note I really hope you are both ok and that the police apologised to you for wasting your time.

This site has helped me so much and made me feel so much better on down days and to realise I am not the only one around.

So THANKS xxxx BlushBlush
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Like everyone else just wanted to say this site is a fantastic source of support and as someone else said even if I don't come on here every day, I find it comforting knowing I can pop in if I need to.

I think Daniel and Lucy are by far the best at looking after us and helping our special Children in the uk, nobody else comes close to their support in my opinion :-)
Keely x

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