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I think everyone is going to be with you on this one Daniel its abosolutly disgusting ... the only other website i have found was the SCOPE forum i came across this site just by chance and have passed it onto my support worker today I have struggled for years looking for somewhere like this to share info and accept advice hope ya all get over this real soon x take care
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oh no so sorry i hope your both ok! i to want to thank you both for all your hard work xx
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Unbelievable! Surely there is room for both forums! What you can't get from one, you might get with the other. I am a member of this forum as well as one other UK one, wether it is the same one you are talking about, I don't know...but I value both, and am shocked that the police involved...what a waste of their and your time. I thank you for all you give, your time and your support. I'd be lost without it! x Mags.
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Thank you everybody for the messages of support.
If im honest i am still in shock that it was done and im in bewilderment about the whole issue.
Many people have messaged me about the forum and asked me to name them but i wont be directly naming them but the clues are in the first post lets say Smile
I am disappointed more than anything as to me it felt very petty and upset me that somebody would actually try to harm someone in a way that if taken seriously could have resulted in a criminal record.
Also as it was a computer missue allegation it could have meant that i was unable to own a computer and this form would not have been able to exsist as such without me and Lucy not having a computer.
Therefore it felt like a direct attack designed to close the forum down Blush
Just so frustrating more than anything just knowing all we ever have wanted to do is help others as we know how tough it is out there Blush
Yesterday evening on the way home from the police station i was thinking about all the success stories from the forum.
The people with there free bus passes,people with dla won after appeal,children who now have statements when previously told they couldnt get them, people gaining larger housing,people getting free nappies and allowances increased in some areas and the free days out that have happened and will happen again all made me realise how good the members are here and how im now more determined than ever to grow this forum.
In fact a very big annoucement is due very soon which will take this forum to a whole new level.
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One word....ridiculous!!

Even more ridiculous that the police actually wasted their time with this ??

Anyway I'm glad that if anything the situation has made you even more determined to carry on with this wonderful site.....Keep up the good work and thanks xxx
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