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hi , i havent been on here in ages ,
just after some advice ??
my youngest has hemiplegia cerebral palsy and development delay
well my middlke daughter is 2 and a half and is a healthy child really aoart from hypothyroidism ,
wen she was 18 months her walking wasnt inproving so she had insoles put in her shoes , in the last year her walkin has not improved she is clumsy falls so much and walks a bit funny , my physio did look at her a yr ago and said she had hypermobility in her ankles , i have requested another appointment and will be going to see the physio at the health centre soon , but i am just confused as to why her walkin g isnt improving and if any one has any advice, there must be a reason too it , are these symptoms of any thing ??
sorry this is a bit long x
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jaimee grade 4 ivh hemiplegia cp and global development delay
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Don't know very much about this sorry but I do know that hypermobility can delay walking in children, as can global development delay. I think the important thing is to see the professionals and if not happy get a second opinion.

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