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Hi all
Got reply from mp who says council said my daughter assessed by medical aseesment from council and ias one document I gave in says mild develpoment delay she can share room with her brother. Aslo in regard to moving back and fourth to car I can buy twin back and front buggy.also to get a place asap I should bid on all types of property.so annoyed as I only can bid on property where I am near family for support as I have noone here and my daughter to big for buggy as she is 16kg and most buggiess max weight is 15kg.she needs own room as she wakes my son who then cant sleep and then werwe all up.professionals have wriitten letters to council but no luck.i have not given council her dla form but have told them she is disabled.would that make difference??she has regular phyio, has mri scan and adenoids out this month and blood test and speech therapy.pls help.how can I get them to see she needs her own room. She is being testted for abnormal chromosome an I have 2 family members with special needs.appreciate on advice.

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