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Just wondered what people do when their child swears, at school my will swear alot, at home i might get the odd word if i tell him to do something he dont like, but he always says bloody and crap.
Try telling him that those aren't nice words, and shouting but he seems to say them more if he knows i dont like it.
What does anyone else do ?
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Hi, I don't know how helpful my advice would be as my son is not a typical anything and he is a law unto himself but on the odd occasion he has said bad words I haven't mad a big deal out of it unless it is a big one like the F word or something and then I literally just say EXCUSE ME in a kind of harsh tone so he knows I am upset but I don't make a huge fuss because if you do they then do it more for attention then anything else. My sister used to swear all the time and the more my mother told her off the more she did it for the reaction so try ignoring it as much as possible if it becomes really out of hand try positive reinforcement.

Sorry that probably doesn't help at all but I know for a few people I have spoken to ignoring it and making as little fuss as possible really seems to work.

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Thanks for the reply, I use the Excuse Me at present, but he just laughs, or sniggles, I also tried the ignore thinking it was a phase, but he still swears, he will only say crap or bloody at home, but at school if he's having a bad day, he will be saying F U to the teachers, they do have a time out room and are used to it because its a special needs school, but just wish I could put a stop to it
I threatened he would get soap in his mouth for each bad word, but he just asked if it tasted nice !
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sorry but asking if the soap tastes nice tickled me, i guess having a lad that doesnt really talk is handy sometimes though when his 1:1 came to his room and asked him to help with something he told him to b**ger off lol which teacher thought was great as they understood what he had said. he is at special needs college and the language can be horrendous and when some students were swearing in front of me i told them not to use that language in front of me which i think shocked them into being quiet hehe
can you do a reward chart where he gets a star every day he doesnt swear and at the end of the week he gets a small treat of fave tea or a book or something that he likes or has an obsession with? dont know how much understanding your son has as this can be hit and miss and might not work for good as you cant keep giving rewards forever but hopefully he might lose interest if not swearing gets him something and he loses it if he swears just a matter of holding firm if he doesnt get required number of stars (sometimes giving up because of the stress of holding firm just doesnt seem worth it hehe i know)
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