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Hi. Hope everyone had a nice day. I was working this afternoon in my friend's restaurant, but my morning started off with a cup of tea in bed then Ryan gave me a card from him and Jack (who was fast asleep til 11am) and some chocolates and a CD called Your Songs - though I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet!!
I spent the morning on the phone to the guy from Netgear tech support as we're trying to connect a wireless router (only spent 5 hours at it before giving up!) and he finally came to the conclusion that there's a fault with the router (Dave got it changed this aft at PC World). Dave and Ryan was at Ryan's Sunday League footy match (they won 6-2) and I was just giving Jack his brunch when they came home. Dave took over and I got ready to go to work. Lovely atmosphere in the restaurant as there were some big family gatherings so it wasn't hard work really (though my feet are killing me after 4 nights waitressing).
Came home at 4.30 after having a glass of bubbly with my friend (and boss) and had a soak in the bath! Ryan went off to a party at 7 and Dave went to get me, him and Jack takeaway pizza - which I had with a glass of wine!
Not a totally relaxing day - but still lovely.
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Happy mothers day Smile
A hospital stay mothers day for us. Back in again never mind Sad

Mam to Thea aged 4, and Nate nearly 7 months hypotonia, breathing difficulties ( oxygen and BIPAP), dysmorphic features, undiagnosed genetically as yet.HeartHeartHeart

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