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Happy Mothers day everyone x

(04-03-2011, 04:14 PM)Daniel Wrote: Happy Mothers day to everyone and hope you had at least a few minutes of peace and some little treats Smile
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Same back to everyone! I've had a great day, was woken up by the Children this morning (we're currently sleeping on sofa's in the living room due to decorating, and as Matty is in the room next door, not hard to do!)
The little two had made cards for me at school and nursery, and the eldest had painted me a picture and written me a poem Smile
We were at a craft fair yesterday and I spotted a stall selling fab jewellery. I dropped a few hints to the hubby, but he surprised me this morning with 3 pieces from the stall!
We've spent the afternoon putting our bedroom back together so hopefully I'll get to sleep in my own bed tonight Big Grin
Ordered a takeaway for tea, I did plan to cook but I'm too tired now!
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Happy mothers day everyone :-D I spent the day being bite and looking after the wee man who took tummy bug and the eldest went out for the day and left me on my own :-( but had loads of smiles and hugs from the sick wee boy and now i feel bit rough , awk the joys of being a mum lol xox
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happy mother's day everyone x
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Hope everyone had a lovely day. Can't say mine was lovely but I managed to get through one whole day without me son having a meltdown so that in itself is amazing!! yay!!
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