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I am hoping that you may be able to offer me some advice, please. I attended my daughter's annual review yesterday. She has a diagnosis of Agenisis of the corpus callosum. She is making very slow progress, receiving outreach from the local special school. She is currently in Year 1 although very young as her birthday is 26th August. My dilemma is, do I keep her in mainstream where her speech, social skills are being developed nicely and small progress is being made or do I send her to a special school where she may make bigger steps of progress with the resources that they have available?
I thought that I had made my mind up to get her to special school for year 2 but the LEA and EP suggetsed to wait until she moves to Year 3...Really confused as to what would be the best thing for her.
Not expecting someone to make the decision for me, would just like to hear of people who have been in a similar situation.
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Our youngest is in year 2 at his infants school so we had to choose his next school recently. All his current school staff suggested special school rather than mainstream junior school. Our local juniors is totally unsuitable and while the local special school is fantastic, we still weren't sure it was right for Charlie. It was hard to decide as his needs are too great for mainstream but not severe enough for special school, he doesn't quite fit into either. Then another reason not to send him to special school came up which made the decision for us to send him to mainstream juniors. Having said that, as Charlie has got older the gap between him and his peers has got wider and he's getting more socially excluded now just because he can't keep up physically or express himself well, & he's struggling more with work due to his poor speech affecting his reading and writing & I do think he will end up at special school when he gets to seniors.

We just did a whole list of questions, took a copy of his statement to some schools we liked the look of and went round talking to the Head at each school. We found one we really liked, a small village school with a fantastic Head, and discussed Charlie's needs at length and we are now happy we have found the right place for him for September. He loved it on his initial visit and the Head gave him the 'red carpet' treatment which went down well! I have high hopes for juniors now we've won the battle to get him in there!

If I was you then I would be asking myself what will she gain from staying put (continuity, existing friendships, etc) and what she will gain from moving now (better resources, opportunities for progress at greater rate, etc) Also what will she lose (if anything) from staying put or moving? I don't know about her condition but is she able to express her opinion on it at all? What about distance, transport, etc? What do current school staff, health professionals and the special school staff think? They are the people who know her rather than the LEA. Does she have to move schools at the end of year 2? If so then as it sounds like you're happy with mainstream so far, if it was me I would probably leave it until then to move her at the same time as her peer group moves on. It's a tough call!
Let us know what you decide,

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