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(03-17-2011, 03:28 PM)Debbie G Wrote:
(03-16-2011, 09:35 PM)missisbeki Wrote:
(03-16-2011, 09:32 PM)corinne Wrote: you can either ask for thomas cook vouchers or haven holiday vouchers, i think the amount is about £500 but dont quote meBlush as i have never had them as haven isnt suitable for matt. you do have to wait 12 months from your last award but if you have your membership number you should be able to apply online which should be a bit quicker than waiting for it to be delivered

Thank you for the reply, we normally go to a Haven site but a private caravan, usually a week in school time (which is authorised as school understand it is quiter for him) we have been going for a while as Dan knows this caravan so if we werent able to go abroad as I doubt we could add extra money to it do you think they would be flexible enough to let us go to the private one?
Sorry for all the questions im just trying to plan and hope we get approved again this year when we apply.

Hi we got help from family fund last year with help towards a holiday. It was for approx £500 as we were told by FF staff it was slightly higher if you took the Haven option. We did this and we had to book direct with Haven so not sure about a private van. We booked for 4 nights and still had to put about £200 towards which I thought was expensive but it was in the school holidays. We ended up coming home after 2 days as it was very noisy as night and the children could not sleep.
Debbie x

we have had some thomas cook vouchers arrived, but the expiry date was for this september, so i thought we had to take the holiday before this time was up, but i was wrong as long as you book before the date you can use them next year. this info was to late for me as i went into thomas cook and they sorted me out with a 3 day hoilday on the easter weekend at heaven, cost was over £400!!!!!
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we asked family fund for some thomas cook vouchers and we was giving £500, you can book hoeseasons holidays through Thomas cook and they are slightly cheaper than Haven or butlins
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Ive never done a hoseseasons although they do look quite nice.
Anyone share feedback on them at all?
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(03-24-2011, 08:13 AM)Daniel Wrote: Ive never done a hoseseasons although they do look quite nice.
Anyone share feedback on them at all?
we going with hoseasons this year
some places you can get really cheap for july august time and nearly new caravans
depending where u go
ill have to let u know how it goes as this is first time im going with them
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