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hi, my beautiful daughter has a growth delay called noonans. She is just turning 9 years old and quite tall for a child with this condition though she is a bit under weight at only 3 stone 5bls (there is actually a child in her class shorter than her due to the child parents being VERY short!). she should make 4ft 11" as an adult.
her biggest problem seems to be her very fine hair, it has only grown 2" in the middle and 3" at the front and about 8" at its longest at the back. she has her hair in a pony tail or bunches to hide the lack of growth in the middle.
nobody can tell us if her hair will ever grow much,
it would be lovely to chat to other parents in a similar situation
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Hi my daughter is 4 nealy 5 and her hair is not growing that fast and she does keep pulling bits out but know knows why or if she will stop either i do hope someone can amswer your question soon

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