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hi all, i just wondered if any of the other parents and carers have any information about sensory intergration disorder or aka sensory processing disorder??

my 7 year old son was diagnosed when he was 3 and i still only really know what the o/t has given me in question sheets. i`ve never met anyone else who suffers from this disorder or who has heard of it, though i`ve been informed it may be considered as an asd and usually goes hand in hand with dyslexia and dyspraxia.

until my son was diagnosed with it, i had never even heard of spd and would love to hear from any one who might have an idea of what we have ahead of us.

thanks very much

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Hi there,

SPD can be diagnosed alone or is thought to go along with ASD as lots of people with autism/aspergers have sensory issues. My son who has autism has sensory issues fitting in with SPD but hasnt been diagnosed with it.
The OT who has seen him twice and hasnt really done anything else recommended a book called the Out of sync child by Carol Kranowitz which is an interesting but quite complicated read about how the different senses can be affected. Theres lots of books on the subject at amazon including ones with play ideas etc.. maybe have a read up on the subject.

I dont know much apart from what I have read and the OT also recommended using deep pressure techniques for calming, hope I've been a little help Smile

Mel x
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Hi my son is also being looked into this , he has to be 3 years old before they say . My son doesnt have asd or anywhere on the spectrum for it . What way does it affect your child ? My son seeks out danger as he doesnt feel pain like we do and sleeps a lot because of the spd , he is very rough as well . He doesnt like big crowds or somewhere that is very echo . I've found much of the info on line . There is different forms of spd and different ways it affects Children . Your child will never grow out of it , but with help from OT they can help to manage it xx

Also my son is visual impaired and they think its from having spd as well , so its waiting game to see if he improves with his sight
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