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I've just joined this site - so first of all - hello everyone!
looking through the various posts is really interesting, i wish i'd known about this site before! Smile
I was wondering if anyone could help me with an application to Cerebra. Does anyone know exactly what they do fund? My last two applications were rejected (although they encouraged me to reapply), i asked for a contrabution towards a guitar in the first one, and a contrabution towards a playstation in the second one. The reason for this was, my son does not do anything independently due to to his disability and anxiety. I thought applying for something he is interested in and would give him enjoyment would be worthwhile, but apparently this is not within their criteria.
I am now unsure whether i should bother applying to them again in case i get rejected - feeling confused as to what they do fund. Any help would be appreciated Smile
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i dont know why the guitar got turned down as a digital drum is down as something they would help with. have you tried family fund as this might be an easier way to get either of those if its something he is interested in or caudwell children.
sorry never got round to filling in cerebra application form so dont really know what they can help with that would be of benefit for your son
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I would also recommend trying family fund, cerebra tend to fund more specialist equipment such as expensive sensory items or specialist therapy programs, you need a medical referee to state why the equipment is needed and whether its suitable for your childs needs. So....I would defiantly say family fund as a better option xx
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i was going to use them for a grant for some garden work but they don't do that sort of thing, like teh others have said try the family fund

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