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Dose anyone know if i can get any funding or grant to help me get a Rear Facing Car Seat for my disabled son?
the seat i have seen is about £500.
His condition is so bad that he cannot support his body or his neck, which he need 24 hour help for.
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Hi there

Try http://www.smileforlife.org.uk In the section on people they have helped there is a case mentioned where they supplied a specialist car seat for a child who needed it. The child has different problems to yours but they do seem to be very flexible about what they can do to help.
The Family Fund also might consider this.
Hope this helps
Jayne Smile
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Whoops! forgot to say the award for the seat was £532 which is about the same as you're looking for.

Jayne Confused
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hi, we got a special needs car seat through our social worker when we needed one, we went to a baby shop and looked at their britax sn models , got a price and spoke to social worker, hope all goes well for your grant
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Family fund can assist as rightly suggested.
Another very useful one is http://www.newlifecharity.co.uk/ who can offer very quick turn arounds on there applications Smile
So worth a look Smile

Also as someone suggested a social worker its well worth looking into as some councils will sometimes assist however not all councils will so it will be dependent on your local authority and would be worth speaking with your local occupational therapy department to see if they will be able to help and then undertake an assesment on the needs of your child.

Also im sure other members will be able to offer some ideas too?

Keep us updated as its always good to know if someone has been helped by a particular charity so we can recomend them to others.
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