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Good luck with it all and keep us updated about it . Dont feel bad about it , your doing the best thing for your son and its not the teachers , its sounds like the head master has the problems with not doing anything , i'd ask for a meeting to be called with the child parents as well . Its not fair anyone being bullied . It will always happen but if we stand up to it and make school easier for our children its helping out .

Have my fingers crossed it goes well for you and its a stop to your son being picked on xx
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Hi, just seen this. I can certainly relate to the school not doing anything as I am having my own issues with my sons school. If the police route doesn't help you might want to try contacting the head governor for a meeting and failing that get a lawyer involved that is the point I have now reached. I hope you don't reach that point but don't feel bad for getting extra people involved and take it as high as you possibly can. I really hope they help you sort it out xx
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Hi has your son got a statement for educational needs? If so send the school a letter requesting that it be brought forward and in the letter also state that you want a representative from education to be requested. Also put in there that you need to know the date within 2 weeks so that you can alos arrange for the police and any other persons you want present to support you. Legally they have to have this meeting, and as the statement requires you to make your own views you can then point out the bulling. I have had a few issues with my daughters school, went down this route, and after having the head of education attend our meeting managed to get Lucies move to a new school agreed as well as raising my points of her care.
Good Luck Louise x

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