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Never knew that applying for a DFG grant was so much bother.
I phoned up the main council for my area about the DFG Grant and they gave me the number for the OT that deals with the grants and she said that i needed to speak to my son's OT, left a message with her and said because it's a council property i've got to go through teh council to get the DFG Grant.
All of this just to get a downstairs toilet put in and possibly an extra room added for a multi sensory room.
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if only it was as simple as that, we have had the OT out, had the tech guys round to see how the works could be done, gone to panel been rejected, the council have looked for alternative housing for six weeks had no success. gone back to panel with original request been refused because works are too expensive and now they are looking for alternative housing again in private rent, council and housing associations. this time they havnt given a time frame so could be a long wait. they are looking for 4 bedroom house with bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor. its a long haul hold on tight and prepare for the ride.
I never thought it would happen to me.

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