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Congratulations hun Smile try and enjoy ur pregnancy as much as you can and here's hoping its an easy ride Smile xx
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Congratulations x
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congratulations x you will cope i have a 5 year old,4 year old(special needs), 2year old and a 1 year old. i think you will cope as a lady said it might be because you have to but you will cope, as for he wants a brother not a sister you might needs to try and explain to he that you cant choose what you have but a brother would take his toys but i cant really help you there as i have all girls x
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hi everyone thank u so much 4 ur replies, wen i had my daughter our son was amazing with her her, we involved him through out my pregnancy he came 2 all the scans, i let him feel my tummy wen she was movin and wen she arrived he was fantastic with her always wantin 2 help hes neva once been nasty 2 her or said that he wishes she wasnt here i just hope that hes the same with this baby we think he prob will b its just hes just started 2 settle down at school and get the help and support he cant handle new thins or situations and hes very clingy 2 me at the mo which im lovin as the past 4 yrs ive distanced myself from him because he was so violent 2wards me now all he wants is cuddles and im makin up 4 the last 4yrs i hope he will b ok wen the baby comes we have told him that we cant choose if its a boy or a girl and he just shrugged his shoulders and walked off. ill keep u all updated xx

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