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Ive read through that thread and looked at the pics. Lots of children line things up, lots of children have little tantrums, dont talk well etc so you have to look at how many of these little quirks are occuring together, the intensity and the impact on behaviour. I would reccommend behaviour diaries because when you are put on the spot in clinic sometimes its hard to give specific examples of what you are talking about, I just have a notebook and split the pages into the categories of asd diagnositic criteria, I put dates at the side of the notes so the progression if the behaviour can be seen. Have a look at the diagnositc manual to see the diagnositic criteria for asd here: http://www.behavenet.com/capsules/disorders/autistic.htm
(i cant remember how psychological the language is but if something deosnt make sense let me know)
you can make notes of other behaviours in your diary as you go along too such as sleep disturbances, sensory probs etc. even if it turns out not to be asd the info is there to refer to for the future

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