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Is there a chance that the bury council may yet again change ruling about school transport issues next year i.e. april 2012 or sooner?

nothing is guaranteed forever we are safe for now so until the issue is raised again there is always something else to concentrate on. the council will have cuts to make next year but until then.......

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we have been told around here they will stop paying for transport to college for over 16's but not heard anything yet (college is 8 miles away and it would mean me giving up my one day a week job as i self employed i cant really rearrange working hours hehe)
we have had a letter today regarding the free bus pass matt gets. he will still get his bus pass but it will be 3 yrs not one which will help as its a pain to find time to take him down to have his pic taken and all i need do is show his blue badge. the thing that has changed is now we would have to pay £15 a year for the companion component and it has to be paid up front so £45 for 3 yrs. need to decide if its worth it as most buses matt catches are out of area so cant use the companion part anyway outside of staffordshire.
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