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hi. our local council have been making loads of cuts and amongst them was the travel to school transport.one of the suggestions was that people who were in receipt of the mobility part of DLA could use that for funding and organising transport themselves. after lots of protests and meetings the council have decided not to change the criteria for transport. i can now relax knowing that after the military operation i perform in the mornings to get my son ready for school, i can wheel him onto the specially adapted bus and relax for five mins. otherwise i would have had to change routine set of to the next town in plenty of time to get through the traffic, fold, load and unload a heavy wheelchair, child in child out blah blah................ so pleased.... next!
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Thats great news! It'd be a nightmare if they cut funding here, we have 2 girls to get to different schools as well!
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Fab news Smile I have heard similar sorts of things with ring and ride or school transport, free bus pass etc but I'm not sure how many have been implemented, I think they've just maybe trialled a few in different areas to see what people will tollerate maybe Confused but it would be a nightmare, especially as mummy of matty said, with different Children at different schools!! Disaster x
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Is there a chance that the bury council may yet again change ruling about school transport issues next year i.e. april 2012 or sooner?
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that is great news

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