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You probably already all know this but I thought I would share anyway.

If you are taking a disabled child/adult on the Eurostar and they are staying in their wheelchair for the duration of the journey or indeed if they cannot get out of their wheelchair it is a £69 return to most places that Eurostar go to, this is most of the time as long as the wheelchair space on the train is available. Also a carer (they call it a companion) can go for the same price as the disabled person. They will occasionally let two carers go with the disabled person if they are direct family or grandparents etc so it is worth asking. Also the disabled seats are in standard premium which is the equivalent to first class and if they have meals left over they will give you a free meal too.

So yeh, just in case anyone didn't know it is deffo worth ringing eurostar to get prices.

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thanks ill have to remember that xx
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Will be booking Eurostar Tickets very soon, Thank you for that.
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This is handy for those that are considering Disneyland etc Smile
Well spotted and i didnt know this so very good spot Smile
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I didn't know that either, will bear that in mind!
I didn't even realise that there is a discount for the disabled person at Disneyland, and a carer gets in free! They don't mention that when you book through a travel agent!
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