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Hi, im new to the forum. My son has ASD and i currently live in the midlands. I have no one here to help with anything and feel totally alone with my son. I really want and need to move 200 miles away to where i have a support network for both me and my son.
I cant afford to move (live in private rented at the moment) I am on the housing list for the area i want to move to but am in one of the lowest bands because i dont live in the area so it could take years to get a property that way.
I feel my only option is to move in to private rented but i just cannot afford to do so without help (im trying my best to save, but it will take a loooong time before i would save enough)

I just wondered if there was anyone that provided grants or help for this kind of thing?

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I can’t find anything specific for this but one thought is that if you are on benefits such as Income Support then you would be eligible for a Community Care grant. You should qualify under 2 criteria – that you need help because you and your family face exceptional pressure, such as family breakdown or because one of you has a long-term illness and the other is that you look after someone who is ill or disabled. It will be hard to get it, you will need to explain in detail how much stress you are under, how it will benefit you to move closer to family, etc and if you have a social worker or health visitor or someone who can provide evidence to support your claim then you will have a greater chance of getting the grant.
Sorry, can’t do links but there is also a charity called Smile for Life who do grants for all sorts of things for disabled children and families and they would definitely be worth speaking to.
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if you are on the housing list for a council house did you fill in a medical needs form?? i am assuming that the reason you want to move to the area is you have family living there? also make sure that is on the form as well, also do you have a social worker as they might be able to write a letter showing that you need to move for your health as well as you need the support that you arent getting where you living at the moment. like getthekettleon says you might be eligible for a grant or some help from the social fund with the actual moving and council housing tend to give some money for doing the house up when you get a council house
also if you havent applied this year family fund can help with removal costs as well
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good luck hope that you get a move to your area you want soon, i know that some places can oftern help with deposits for private rental, and if we get get into a private rental, you can apply for housing /council tax benfit.
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HI , when we moved from a property which was no longer suited for my sons needs the council gave us a relocation grant which i think most council will do, it paid for removals and carpets. I had to get three independant quotes for each then thay paid the cheapest. As its in your sons interests to relocate aswell maybe you could ask your council about the relocation grant.
Good luck
josie x

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