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never been to legoland but we can travel anywhere as matt likes to explore new areas. at moment dont want to spend another 5 mins with him so will talk more after i have tied him to chair and stuck him outside Big Grin
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haha Corinne I can so relate I was thinking more of putting my son in the shed ( well I don'd have a shed so the balcony will have to do Tongue)
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Would be lovely my Children loved it there, only thing I'd be worried about is my son's language at moment it's a bit colourful at times to say the least and no matter what we try nothing works. If it didn't offend anyone then we'd be happy to go but also understand if people didn't want their children to hear it.
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Ooo - never been to Legoland so would definitely consider going there. Would have to stay overnight as it's too far to travel for a day out for us. Accommodation doesn't have to be expensive though does it - we usually stay in Premier Inns or Holiday Inns when we go somewhere for a couple of days - rooms aren't big but we fit four of us in quite comfortably. We'd really like to make it to a meet up this year! x
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Premier travel inns are fab!! We've stopped in a few with 5 of us in 1 family room, the beds are a good size and the Children are pull out matresses on the floor. Think theirs one not far from legoland Smile xx

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