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(04-03-2011, 06:16 PM)meagain Wrote: Hi sorry to hear that ambie , hope your holding up ok , its never easy when you split up from anyone and even worse when its been family that has got in the way , we're all here to support you . Wish you all the best and hope everything work's out for you and your family xx

hi everyone thanx 4 all ur support me and my ex r tryin 2 sort thins out we r talkin more openly about thins we both agree we want 2 b 2gether as a family but we also agree that we need 2 work on a few thins before we try again im hopin we can sort this out as long as his mother stays away i think there is hope 4 us as a family xx
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Awwwwww. I am SO SO happy for you Big Grin Big Grin. Really glad that you are talking and I really hope you work it out and that your In-laws give you the space and privacy needed to sort through things xxxx
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Good luck and i hope it all comes together for you's both soon , think sometimes you just need some space to work out what is it you want and how to fix issues . Glad your doing better xx
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That is brilliant, hope it all goes well and you are able to get some quality time together.
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