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hi everyone i need 2 let off some steam or i will go insane. our son who is 7 has just been diagnoised (sorry cant spell) with asd. Before this my mother in law refused 2 believe there was anythin going on with our son she thought he was just a naughty out of control child who didnt know wen 2 behave himself, said it was all my fault that he is the way he is. My sis in law is an evil, spitefull and vindictive person who will do anythin 2 make others feel like crap. i told my mother in law that i didnt want my sis in law knowin anythin that was going on with my son as i knew she would throw it bk in my face as she thinks her son who is also 7 is perfect and cant do no wrong. But my sis in law knows everythin and yes shes thrown it bk in my face and keeps makin snide comments. I feel out with my mother in law at xmas cause she had a go at me cause all our son would eat was pasta 4 dinner and not the roast dinner she made 4 him. i stopped talkin 2 her until last wk wen my partner made some peace between us. yesterday everythin came 2 a head im 6 wks pregnant with our 3rd baby and our son and daughter who is 3 were drivin me insane yesterday wouldnt do as they were told i was just havin one of those days with the Children id been out all day with them id just got bk in and the sis in law phone i was in the middle of sortin the Children out so i didnt answer it, then she kept ringing every 10 mins 4 the next 3 hrs i refused 2 answer it as i didnt want 2 talk 2 her i got so angry with it i just put a little comment on facebook sayin '' if im not answerin the phone its cause im busy or out'' i didnt put any names next thin i know my mother in law is on the phone sayin im out of order 4 not answerin the phone i should answer the phone wen it rings it wasnt my sis in law callin it was her using her number. Im so angry with them im fed up of his family they r drivin me insane i dont think i did anythin wrong but im being made 2 feel that i have. theres so much more 2 this story but theres not enough hours in this lifetime 2 explain.

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Hi ya,

I know kind of how you are feeling. Its a shame that they arent more supportive of you, its hard having a child with ASD. My little girl isnt yet diagnosed but this could be a possibility.
I fully understand why you wouldnt answer your phone, and how inconsiderate it is for them to then carry on ringing. I know they arent psycic but surely they know you have children so may well be busy.
I dont think, being pregnant its fair on you to be stressed, could your hubby just speak to them? say its unfair that you are put under added stress being pregnant, and maybe if they dont understand ASD then perhaps print out a little information for them. With my mum I always thought she wouldnt understand so I started leaving books and leaflets around and she started having a read and slowly but surely I think she is realising that its not just bad parenting.
Give yourself a break today, leave the housework and sit down with a cuppa, and if you fancy a chat add me on facebook. Im Kellie Milano-Reilly , Ill be happy to have a chat with you and you can rant away to me x
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Ahhh hun, familys really are the worst at times, your totally not in the wrong, I leave the fone to ring all the time if I'm busy with the Children or just don't wanna chat, nothin wrong with that!! They should cut u some slack, Children aren't easy at the best of times, especially having one with special needs AND being pregnant! I swear people think they have a right to interfere in your lives just because they're family. I have people in mine exactly like ur sister in law (my sister in law for one). They latest issue we're havin is organising our wedding and people having a moan or being offended I haven't invited them even if we haven't seen them it 8yrs or so!? Just chill yourself out today, try not to think about it and tell urself ur right and they're wrong....even if they can't see it Big Grin what does your partner say?xx
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oh thanx guys so much im glad im not the only one with problem in-laws, they r so annoyin my partner does his best 2 try and talk 2 them but they just dont listen ive even considered cuttin them out of our lives (except my partners) cause i called b bothered with their issues and comments. its so hard havin a child with asd and he knows that his other nan dont care about him hes said it straight 2 my face which is so unfair on him. speakin of sis-in-laws shes on the phone as im writin this askin what the comment on fb was all about and that she only call 2 times which i know is lies as i have caller history and can prove shes lying then she askes if im pregnant knowin full well i am as mum in law told her last wk then the usual comment ''oh can i cope with 3 Children especially one who has mental issues'' mental issues if i could put my hands down the phone omg shes the one with mental issues not our son so wish i could pick my own in laws my life would b perfect.
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Oh honey - it's so true isn't it - you can choose friends but you can't choose your family!

It could be that they are just very ignorant and scared of your son's condition. They obviously can't cope with his diagnosis and it looks like your stupid sis-in-law doesn't want you to cope either!

I'd leave the phone ringing - as for keeping ringing you, doesn't she have a life of her own to get on with??

Just hold your head up and try to rise above it - they're just making themselves look stupid (and doing a pretty good job of it by the sounds of it!). Maybe your sis-in-law is jealous and it sounds like her and her mother are egging each other on a bit! Ignore them hun - you've more important little people to focus on. Big hug. xx

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