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Who can I get to sign my initial application to ff? A GP can't do it can they? I had my daughter's 6 monthly check up with her pediatrician last week and forgot about it!
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On the form it suggests a health visitor, social worker, teacher or key worker at nursery or a health professional like an OT, physio or SLT. Who sees your child most often and knows your child well enough to comment? As long as they are understanding of your child's condition it won't matter which person you ask.
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They don't necessarily need to sign it if you have any reports etc send them with the form and put down the specialists and doctors names and contact numbers etc. No one signed my form I just put all of the paper work in.
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I can't remember if I got anyone to sign mine, pretty sure if I did it would have been a physio or portage worker though?
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I don't think that anyone needs to sign it, just put down a name and address of some ont that knows your child

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