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(02-26-2011, 09:46 PM)ambreen Wrote: hi all

ive noticed my son recently has been really grinding hes teeth constantly

its such a irritating sound too......and its only happened about a month ago and also hes tantrums have gotten worse and screaming

but the noise of the teeth is awful it sounds like when you are abroad in a warm country you hear the buzzing of mosquitos lol

and hes always putting hes fingers in hes mouth and feeling hes gums and teeth ... i have taken him to the dentist and he couldnt find nothing!!!

anybody else experienced anything like this?

My son is doing this all the time at the moment and has been for the past 6months. He is 7.5 and it started at the similar tie he started to loose his baby teeth. I liken the noise to fingernails down a blackboard as it sends shivers down my spine. Ive found that by giving him a specially designed chew toy for special needs children for an hour or so at home during the day has really helped with the grinding but he still has his hands in his mouth all the time
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Hi my son is 3 and also grinds his teeth and has done on and off for last 2 years at first i thought it was when he was cutting teeth as he also bites and chews his thumb and makes it so sore he's also forever putting fingers in his mouth and is facinated with other peoples mouths and teeth. I now think its a sensory thing with him and just part of his condition but its so frustrating when he does it x
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Ben grinds his teeth at first it used to be annoying but now it's something that we have got used to
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Just wanted to say my daughter does this constantly also.

She is only 18 months though so i suppose she may grow out of it but she does it so violently that her teeth are looking worn already.

The dentist couldn't offer any solutions to us either and she drops anything we give her to chew in favour of grinding! I heard the OH plah was a good chew toy and that children of all ages enjoyed it but i spent £21 on it and it solved nothing.. sorry i can't be much help.. unless you want to try an oh plah lol.

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