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Hi all brain working overtime, had a thought if the cost of my proposed extension is going to be £40k then anyone else that asks for the same, downstairs bedroom and bathroom its going to cost the same? my application for these works has been refused based on these costs. therefore all persons applying for DFG will be refused. so whats the point in having DFGs if they cant award them to applicants and shouldnt they consider raising the ceiling in line with todays costs for such works.
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We applied and were told to have a bedroom on top of our exsisting single story extension and a through floor lift fitted would may be just be in the £30k however if it did go over we could get a loan from the council (reduced interest rate). We own our house and so far everyone has been positive. Fingers crossed we should have the work done this year. Its disgusting that some councils and staff that work for them are so unhelpful. Good luck all
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spoke to my support worker and she said that she would support any claim that we make for a DFG Grant, Might phone up Ben's ot tommrow

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