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(01-10-2010, 09:03 PM)Karen Wrote: my son daniel eats his jumpers and his grandad got him a dvd tv combo player and we use a threat which i have told his daddy we arent using empty threats no more as its doesnt work with daniel. the threat was if daniel chews his jumper again then grandda will come and take it away and this sets him off in a flaky(tantrum) biting his hands then mummy here has to pick the peices up and assures him that the tv isnt going away.

would a star chart style thing work with daniel?? we have used it with matt before with pictures he liked and if he did it for a week at end he got a good treat. we had problems getting him on school bus due to idiot driver shouting at him which just made him laugh and do it more so we put pics of the bus on each day and if he went on he got a sticker of the same bus (matts main obsession is buses By the way lol) that we had printed out on computer labels and for saturday he got a trip to chester, cant say if it would have worked when he was younger we didnt think of it till he was older lol but we did find that rewarding for not doing bad behaviour worked better than punishing the bad behaviour if that makes sense.
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that makes alot of sense and then he will get better with not biting his tops thanks corinne

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