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Daniel if he doesnt get his own way he will Bang his head of brick walls. Ouch
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My son used to eat mud all the time and nothing else. My doctor told me not to worry because it had plety of minerals and would build his immune system. He will grow out of it. Now my son likes sausages dipped in yoghurt!

(01-05-2010, 01:37 PM)xbeckyx Wrote: jack is driving me mad he tries to eat anything cardboard, paper, fluff etc
is that normal?
added pics just to show u what i mean
i took mattress cover off 2 was it and he decided to pull the rest to pieces to eat the matterial
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Our Euan eats crazy combinations such as toast and yoghurt as well!!!
Children eat crazy things!
I was just wondering with the book though if he could maybe have a tooth coming through?
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My son is 7 and he has always put inedible objects in his mouth. He loves foam and actively seeks it out and seems to have an uncanny way of finding it too - like picking at the roof of the car and finding some inside. Drives me mad. Have to save him from choking on few occasions. All his toys are ruined they are never played with but destroyed. Remote controls in the house are completely mangled. Stones, wood, fluff, polystyrene, paper,tablets, screws, lego men heads. EVERYTHING. He constantly licks his hands and goes wild licking them after eating a crisp. He bites the skin on his fingers and his nails. I have to remove ALL small objects from his room every night and always panic if he doesn't answer me as I think he has choked on something.

It drives me batty. CAMHS tier 3 told me it is regression back to being a baby - regression? - it has never stopped.

The thing is though, when it comes to meal times - nothing goes in his mouth lol!
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My son will eat anything it doesn't matter if its edible or not he likes to eat hair (ive caught him pulling strands out of his head) toys , books clothes,furniture, dust.... At christmas he tried to eat some potato peel i dropped.It can be quite hard because you go to visit other people or to appointments i have to be very careful as he can find anything and it goes straight in his mouth the strange thing is he never did this until he turnt 20 months when he was smaller it was never a issue.
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