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jack is driving me mad he tries to eat anything cardboard, paper, fluff etc
is that normal?
added pics just to show u what i mean
i took mattress cover off 2 was it and he decided to pull the rest to pieces to eat the matterial

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matt will chew anything he is worse than a dog lol he doesnt swallow it though i often just stick my hand in front of his mouth and he gives me a look and drops a piece of chewed up cardboard into my hand (will try to get away with only giving me half of it but i aint daft lol) wont have labels on anything as he chews at that too and will chew bubblewrap if i dont get it off him lol and thats at 16 i think its the texture but considering the trouble we have getting his teeth cleaned his teeth arent as bad as they should because of the chewing of cardboard apparently
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my daughter eats straws her hair plastic bags quilt covers you name it she will eat it for somone who was tube fed till she was six it amazes me she did not eat solid food until she was about 7 even now everything has to mashed to a pulp but dont think about taking her straws away she would have a pink fit and she is now 23 she even has a chew on the dogs collar when he is lying beside her
all the dolls she had never had fingers or toes as she chewed them all its funny but not if you know what l mean as she has such low muscle tone her swallowing reflexes are not good so lm frightned she will choke so have to keep a constant eye

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Is this like Pica?
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l think for my daughter its a comfort thing she rips up socks and everything but it has to be certain socks she even asks for them to rip tried to give her something else but its not the same specialist said it was a sensory thing she likes the sound of ripping l did have cushions in the back of the car not any more she ripped them out


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