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Wow thats great news....its great when your expecting a long wait or it to be really difficult and it just happens easily...

Bet you cant wait for all the adaptions to be completed now, good luck with the move when the time come Smile
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(03-23-2011, 10:26 PM)Debbie G Wrote: Hi just wanted to share our fantastic news. After re contacting our local council a person from medical re housing came out and 2 OT's to assess Jack,Elly and me. Last week we received the letter confirming we had top priority and we bid on a property that we loved but didn't dare hope we would get. Well today the OT phoned us and said we came top of the list for it and she has assessed the house and its ours if we want it. A lift, tracking,hoist,bathing and wet room need to be put in but it is perfect for us. We had been told to expect a very long wait as our needs were complex but it goes to show sometimes there is a silver lining

that is great news
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have you looked at the independance at home website or the act foundation you may get some funding from them to get a few things done or ask the OT if they can do any temporary alterations to make life easier for you.

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