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We are absolutely disgusted that the only way we can access respite is for our daughter to be labelled "looked after", the same title as abused and neglected children. The stigma attached to this has caused so much upset and anger to me and my husband and son. We want to try to fight this but don't know where to start
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hi, dont want to read and run, but i dont understand isnt a "looked after child" a child that is fostered and therefore looked after by the state. sorry if i sound thick.
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the respite we were offered was with a foster carer but i didn't think anyone would consider Nate "looked after" fr one night every 5 weeks. Although technically he would be I suppose. No I dont like the sound of that either!

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Legally a child is only classed as a looked after child if they have more than 76 over nights a year. It has just been reduced from something like 120. Not quite sure if there is more access to funding streams this way.
There are more assurances if your child is classed as Looked after because they have to review them every six weeks and all should have a Social Worker. They are using this stating your child will be classed as looked after to put many parents off getting what they are entitled too. So don't worry about what they call it it's yours by right and you must need it.
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A Looked After Child is usually subject to a Section 31 Care Order (Children Act 89) which means a case will have been put for a judge, in lengthy care proceedings and all the evidence heard by a judge, who has deemed the parents unable to provide adequete care to a child. The judge 'orders' the LA overriding Perental Responsibility for that child until it reaches 18 (or 16 if the child instructs a solicitor to seek to have the order discharged).

Every Local Authority applies the Children Act differently to respite care.

The Local Authority I work for applies Section 20 if a child is having respite. This is an agreement that the LA will provide care for your child .... this is in case anything happens whilst your child is in their care i.e. needs emergency treatment.

Section 20 does not take away any PR form the parents it just means that while your child is in the LA's care you have delegated them to act on your behalf.
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