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has any one got a child with this syndrome as we have been told today this could be what our son Jack has. He does fit a lot of the symtoms but the cat like cry I am a little unsure. He has always sounded different to our other children and his voice is quieter than usual . He always sounded like he had a sore throat as a new born and now at 14 months he kind of whines more than a full blown cry. Any info on this would be really appreciated.

Thanks Debbie
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hi I'm Vicki, my 3 year son is 3 and has Cri du Chat Syndrome. The UK CDCs Support Group is a really good place for information, www .criduchat. org. uk/ . My son was diagnosed at 5 months old and i know how hard it is. Any questions please feel free to ask me anytime!
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Hi hun, we have another member with 2 older girls with cri-du-chat, ill pm her n ask her to pop on Smile xx
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Hi there, my son, GabrielAngel, is 3 and has CdCS.
As I say I hope that you find what you are looking for on these pages. I am sorry for the swift reply but I didn't want to pass your comment by but am in the middle of completing DLA forms..............nightmare!!!
Do keep in touch and feel free to ask anything, I promise to answer if I can or at least point you in the direction of someone who can.

Take Care

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Hey...............fancy seeing you here!!! XXXHeart

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