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(02-11-2011, 07:41 PM)getthekettleon Wrote: hiya, all 3 of my children are on the local council disabled children's register and they were each sent a registration card with their details on when i registered them. when we go places we use these cards to prove that they are entitled to a disabled person's discount and that we are their carers so we often get in for free. we get no other support from the council but it was worth registering just to get the cards - they have saved us loads!

Hi, does this registration card have a name, can it be issued by your disability team social worker? I think having a card identifying you as a carer is a great idea, i have tried various organisations to see if one exsists but haven't found anything yet. It would be really useful when taking your child out and about.
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All councils are required to keep a Register of Disabled Children although parents do not have to register their children. The purpose of the register is to help inform and plan local services according to the known needs of the children on the register. You can get information about the register and how to put your child on it from either your own social worker or from a direct request to your local council's Disabled Children's Services. You do not have to have a social worker to get your child put on the register, it is purely an admin thing where they send you forms to complete and return.
In my local authority (Bath & NE Somerset) the register is called 'Special Needs Link' and we get a newsletter a few times a year as well as a registration card to confirm the child is on the register. Where I used to live in Bristol, the register was just called the 'Disabled Children's Register' and they also issued registration cards. It's the registration cards I use to prove my children are disabled which often gets them in to places at reduced rates and me & my husband in for free as carers.
I'm not sure they plan a lot of services here anyway but it's worth filling in the forms just to get the registration card! Big Grin


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I took the Children to the cinema yesterday and got asked if I had a carers card. I said I'd never heard of it, and she gave me a form - apparently it entitles you to go for free with the disabled person, and can also be used on public transport?
I realise it won't be recognised nationally, which is a shame, but it will certainly help with local attractions here.
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Was it one of these?
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Not sure why my post went on twice, sorry about that!
I'll have a look at the form and let you know Daniel, its probably that one, although not sure why she said I could use it on buses and trains then!
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