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http://www.ceacard.co.uk/ is the place i think you are on about for the cinema
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hiya, all 3 of my children are on the local council disabled children's register and they were each sent a registration card with their details on when i registered them. when we go places we use these cards to prove that they are entitled to a disabled person's discount and that we are their carers so we often get in for free. we get no other support from the council but it was worth registering just to get the cards - they have saved us loads!
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I think that when you get your DLA letter through the post it should come with a card (the size of a credit card) to say that you are in receipt of such in such from this date to this date etc, maybe with a picture on it.

It would make it easier on us parents/carers to carry around. I know that the paper part always gets lost/destroyed in my house.

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(02-08-2011, 01:57 PM)mcgraw Wrote: just thinking out loud but it might be worth (and i'm not saying for you guys to do it) phoning around to see what people want as carers or dla ID. maybe if people could say what they use it might build up a picture of whats excepted. it would be great if someone nationally could produce a valid card though. ps whats the name of the one the cinema's accept, does anyone know

It's called a Cinema Exhibitors Association card or CEA card for short. Your child needs to be in receipt of DLA to get one and it costs £5.50 per year. If you google CEA card a downloadable applicaion form is available.

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I carry about my DLA letter

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