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Our main issue was Caleb's school couldn't cope with him anymore and although he had a statement all of the special schools were full apart from one which didn't have the peer group for him, before this government took over he would have got a place in our local private special school and the council would have paid but because of the cuts they won't so he's been out of school since last June. We had totally had enough of being fobbed off with how they can't do anything and him only getting 1hr a week from the autisic team we threatened to take him back to his old school as he has missed so much education. We wouldn't have actually gone thro' with this as it would has meant us litterally having to carry him into school kicking and screaming not easy with an 11yr old. Within a day the council contacted us saying they have forced a special school which does have a peer group to take him so after feb hols he should be starting school part time, just hope it doesn't have any affect on him that they have been forced to take him. And we can have some much needed respite while he's there yay, love him to bits but he's hard work!
I have 4 lovely children Caleb and Bay who have fragile x
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So far we cannot get hospital appointments for emergency issues unless your limbcis falling off as our hospital has been forced to take on patients from smaller hospitals that are closing. The school won't give my son any extra provisions out of it's speical needs budget even though they have to by law by they tell me they just can't because of the cuts. We have been told the government will do all they can do to keep my son in a school that cannot cope with him due to funding issues. I get NO extra support or respite etc and it is just my son and myself etc it has been for the last five years I don't know what more then four hours sleep is and I think I would die if I ever reached five. Social services claim they have no funding to help with courses for my son or equipment or anything in general really so no repite etc. There are no courses run here anyway as funding doesn't exist. There are quite a few things. We have only just started to receive DLA so I hope to go that the government don't then snatch that away too!!!!
Will I EVER stop having to fight for my son to have what he NEEDS!? Huh
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I'm under Gateshead council Daniel

Mam to Thea aged 4, and Nate nearly 7 months hypotonia, breathing difficulties ( oxygen and BIPAP), dysmorphic features, undiagnosed genetically as yet.HeartHeartHeart
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I think we all understand that there is going to be cuts due to the country's record debt run up under labour (this was totally predictable as it's what happens everytime labour is in power and then the conservatives get a bad reputation as they have to be the debt collector - which everyone hates, and get the country's finances back on track). The problem is they are hitting the wrong people. The goverment are too afraid to tax the super rich (which I believe full heartedly they should do - after all these super millionaires are the bankers who messed up people's lifes - property investors who made their millionaires during the property boom, celebrities and sports persons, who lets face it - do they really deserve all that money that they then waste??).

And they are powerless to stop immigrantion due to being part of the EU. According to an article I read recently, asysulm seekers recieve more than triple the weekly amount in benefits than our OAP's? Our pensioners who have probably paid into the tax system for the last 40+ years get pennies. Hardly fair is it?

The government therefore are looking to make cuts anywhere else, which ends up being the most vulnerable members of society and the lower paid end of the working class. They are cutting back services for the elderly, the disabled, children, health etc. Problem is, as a country we're too use to just moaning from our armchairs and maintain the stiff upperlip to the rest of the world. So the people in power ruin our lives and get away with it because we just accept it.

I naively thought that when David got in power, he would remember all those with disabled children as he himself knows the challenges that it brings but then in hindsight that was stupid because he's always had the money to paid for the help his child needed or support for himself and his wife.

I believe services for the elderly, disabled and children should be protected from spending cuts.
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DLA is up for review and they are talking about having only two Care Elements instead of the current 3

April will be the time when things start to change and there are significant changes going ahead. Money is being devolve to GP's who in my area don't want anything to do with vulnerable adults or children. Social Enterprises have been mentioned and some charities being able to tender for contracts to deliver services. So it will be the cheapest

Only time will tell how this will affect us all
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