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When I did my lessons through the family fund (yes I went with BSM) they had an option that if you were already having lessons with an instructor you could continue using that instructor and they would pay them.
It was a few years ago so may have changed now.
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(02-04-2011, 09:01 AM)sweetgiz Wrote: im taking lessons with the AA at moment (on my 4th lesson)
if i apply for driving lessons would i be able to get them and still go with aa
or do they only have certain driving school you have to go with
No it doesn't have to be with bsm, that is usually who they will give vouchers for, but with me they gave me the money and all i had to do was prove i was having lessons, they give you money in 2 lots, after the first initial lessons, you get the second lot when your getting ready for your test, then they pay for 2 tests, I requested not to use bsm as i had heard they take too long so it's worth a go Smile

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