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(02-04-2011, 01:55 PM)wheatyc79 Wrote: hi i had a family fund grant for driving lessons with bsm , my instructor was ok but the lessons seemed to go on forever but please dont give up , ive now been passed for 2 years and have a car through the motorbility scheme . its fantastic to be able to drive i honestly dont know how i managed before.
so i hope you all do really well and pass really soon good luck xxx

i cant pack it in
i need to get it done for my daughter for hospital appointments
or in emergencys so i could get to her
it dont really matter if i like driving lessons or not
i really havent got the choice in matter
cant imagine catching busses and been on them for a hour just to get to a appointment
im lucky at moment that my partner job flexible at moment

but its a shame that familyfund only does them through the bsm
why not people like aa or other companys
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have you tried contacting them and explain that you have had some lessons with aa and feel comfortable with the instructor and if there was anyway they could work it so you have same company. its worth an email anyway u never know
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I started my driving lessons with a FF package in January last year...same package as Corinne. I learned with BSM, and my instructor was fab...a bit posh, but really good. I took my theory straight away and buckled down with the lessons. I passed my test first time in the April, 2 days before Zak turned 3, and we qualified for his mobility component of DLA...we used it to get an adapted motability car...and have never looked back since. I love the freedom...well worth it. And you will very quickly get to know your BSM instructor too...Good Luck!!! xx
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hi all, i had the same package as corinne, my driving instructor seemed to of dragged the lessons out too, i failed my 1st test on parrallel parking, so ive had to pay out for 4 more lessons to get me to the 2nd test which was today..and guess what?..i passed with only 3 minors too..cant get a car on mobility yet as my son is only 4 and on middle rate care, so i have to wait till november when hes 5..so i may get a little cheap runaround for now.
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You can get high rate mobility (which u need for the motability car) from 3, its only low rate they pay from 5 but you don't qualify for motability with low rate x

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