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My son has his CDC follow up today so wish us luck........Wink
While im away be good....Big Grin
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Hope it goes ok for you all :-)
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Hiya, thanks, went relatively well, theyre going to compile another report after they've put all their findings together. The nursery nurse also wants us to bring him to some sessions they run at the child development centre with 2/3 other children to get to know his personality abit better.
They did have some issues about his attention that they mensioned today and also repetative play. His gross motor skills have improved but I still dont think he's working at the level he should be, although he is small for his age and has difficulty doing some things because of that.
They are also going to refer him to an orthopaedic doctor dependant on the outcome of some x-rays he had taken last week of his hips and legs. He has a rotated neck of femur which causes him to waddle and fall over alot but the doctor has now said it may be his hip that is the problem which would mean surgery sooner rather than later. He is going to phone us tomorrow and let us know!!
Always seems to be something.......oh well Smile

Lucy xx
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Good luck... hope all goes well

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