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Well I spoke too soon.
Apparently the social worker coming on Monday will not support an application for a DFgrant as we own our own home ( even though every bit of info says we can apply for it) and won't give us respite as Nate is a baby. Apparently it is only given if it helps the child . My Health visitor argued surely if it helps the family it helps the child but apparently they would be more open to everything and helping it if he had a diagnosis and they knew what to expect from him needs wise. I'm furious. Our meeting is on Monday but my Health visitor says she will come too.
Also I can't have a disabled bay as there is a car park further down the street ( in fairness it is close) but I pointed out the parking bloke should try getting a carseat oxygen, monitor, and 4 yr old out f a busy car park up a bank and across a road. He's compromised an has said he will app,y to put a White H line around a dropped kerb next to our house and inform parking services that we have permission to use it. So fingers crossed for that!

Rach x

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Hi i know how you feel , i asked my son social worker for an hours respite in my own home last summer and he wouldnt help out because he was just under 2 , even though he cant be left'd on his own at all , he doesnt sense danger and was told i wouldnt get any until he is 8 years old . Same as your self my son still doesnt have a diagnosis and they dont want to help until they know what their problems is . Keep fighting for what you need for your son , sometimes you've to shout to get what you need , good luck x
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I can't give any advice, but I feel for you Sad your health visitor sounds pretty good, glad she's going to attend the meeting. Having at least one person on your side can be an absolute blessing when you need help or someone to talk to!
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can your health visitor help re the grant? or do you have an OT? hopefully as she wont be able to give a good reason why she cant help you she will help.

if you have a dropped kerb outside your house nobody is allowed to park across it anyway i had one when we moved here as disabled resources said matt isnt in a wheelchair so therefore isnt disabled so they wouldnt put a driveway in but did compromise and put a dropped kerb outside house that leads to a grass garden lol but at least i can park outside house as nobody else can park there.
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