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Hi, We received our Legoland vouchers within 5 days from Merlins Magic Wand. They are a fab charity.
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Hi, I was just wondering when you do the online application for Merlin's Magic Wand it asks for dates of park visit. Does that mean that they print the exact date on the tickets? Also, would they give enough tickets for 6 of us? All family. thanks
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We just received our alton towers tickets and we have to use them by sept 14th so you get some time to choose when you go,also we got tickets for lego land last year and it was for 6 of us they said it wasnt a problem!
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Hi all,

Hope you are all well, planning on taking my daughter and son to legoland windsor in the summer (planning way ahead i know). I was wondering my daughter is unable to sit up on her own but can sit up with support and she is 2 years old will it be ok to take her or should i wait till she is older?

Also thought it would be nice if we went as a family so would like to take my son who is only one year old. Does anybody think I should wait till they are a bit older or will i be ok to go?

As you may be able to appreciate just want to have a lovely holiday as a family but dont want to get to legoloand que up only to be told that my children are too young or too small in height?....

Lastly, am i able to get through the que bit quicker considering my daughter would struggle waiting?

Thank you so much (so excited) ;-)

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