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Daniel what other respite is available as we are currently recieving sense scotland which has took over our homecare.

then our Daniel goes into afterschool care twice a week.
we have a worker for matthew and did have a worker for daniel but she could only do weekends coz her mother took not well and we wanted during the week.

are we entitled to anything else? respite centre we cant get. Daniel goes on shared care when ever the couple is available so we will see who makes the first move there.

and secondly matthew is too young for shared care the now, he did go with my friend but i was feeling as if she wasnt wanting to do it as she said not to rely on her too much, Yes my parents are good but i dont feel there is support there as for respite.
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how long is the afterschool care? i will only get 3 hours a week for alexandria but its only for 6 - 12 weeks i cant get it after that. and i have had to take thursdays which is the day my mum and dad would be having her for the afternoon anyway.

as for reece noone has had him for about 3 years now.
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Daniels afterschool care is when he is in school 2 days a week mondays and thursdays from 3pm - 5.30pm £8 a session
his sense worker we dont know if she is going to do during the week due to child care problems her self.
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