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(04-12-2011, 07:04 AM)jan63 Wrote: Try looking up second skin they do the lycra garments, my daughter has one for her arm and the NHS funded it .. like someone else has said they have photos and measurments taken and everything is made to measure... they used to be able to alter it if it got to small but now they need new every year .. if you find the website i am sure you can apply for a DVD which shows the effects.

My son now has a Second skin and they are fantastic, he has CP with low muscle tone & poor trunk control. We tried a regular lycra suit for a while but they took so long to come back after measuring they didn't fit for very long and often were completely the wrong shape.

Second Sikin is completely different, the quality is much better, they have room to allow growth (he has full boned body, knee to elbow) this is his second one and yes the do last a year - just!!

Hope this helps, anyone that may have a child needing this kind of suit. I'm lucky to get NHS funding, I think they usually try the other lycra suits first as they are cheaper, but second skin is a better use of funding.

My son wears his Monday - Friday 8-4, weekends are to wash it. He has no problems wearing it and I do think its making a difference.

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