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Hi does your son have much speech ? My son has started doing this in the house , he is 2 and 7 months , with going to school 2 days he has everything going on around him , my son has no speech , and he doesnt point at what he wants either so has learnt to scream at me , my daughter would lift him and carry him about ( he cant walk ) so when she isnt in the house he screams until i lift him and he is heavy boy . I try to turn off to him but one thing that has helped is a put him in the hall and he shuts up , its as if he just wants to be on his own with quiet . He screams when out in his wheelchair when its not being pushed , i just let him now and dont worry about what other people think . He has started to catch on that he isnt getting his own way . It is hard work , but dont let other people worry you , i would have before and no i'm not worried about what others think xx
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hi just want to send u hugs((((((((((()))))))))))) and now tell u you are not alone my daughter does this every day and when iam out and in suppermarkets just about every where as annabel is un able to talk so iam doing bsl signing with her which has helped little.commcation has been key fact for me as her plaite isnt working and being deaf.at times i feel like crying my eyes out as i cant cope and totaly understand how u feel.annabel is able to walk but not talk so if she not screaming she is hitting me or chucking toys at me too.iam sorry iam not much help but just wanted to tell u that u not alone. xxx
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thankyou meagan and ruth

he does have speech , hes just so bossy

oh thanx for the hugs im sending u all hugs back too ((((hugs)))))

and ruth he does the same throw hes toys and when we say no to something he will grit hes teeth together (looks cute though) and comes straight for us and scratches us

i hope and pray its just a phase for all of us ......

we just got to keep strong (yeh famous words and yes i know its very hard)

and remember God chose us for a reason Smile


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