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my son has started screaming loud high pitched propa high pitched and for ages ...
and when we tell him not to he does it for ages , and the stares we get when we are outdoors omg
it makes me want to cry!! what are we doing wrong!!
he doesnt listen to us anymore , when we tell him off he screams so loud ...even when we take him out and say stop doing this or that he just screams , i dont feel like taking him anywhere now Sad

i cant cope with it any more

i dont know what to do....he has cp right hemiplegia and 3 and half

he will not even go in hes push chair any more so he has to be carried around everywhere and i cant even do that anymore so hubby carrys him Sad
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Oh dear hun Sad when did it start?? Is their any way he could be in pain at all or is he doing it mainly when you tell him off?? I hope someone has a solution for you, just wanted to give you a ((((hug)))) as I've no experience. Were all here to listen tho Smile xxxx
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Is there anyone you can talk to about it? Maybe a trusted physio or OT if you have them and are fairly close to them?
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may be child and mental health be able to help you (calhms)
first thing i would do is rule out if hes in pain any thing medical wise

when your out you could do with something to keep him occupied some type of sensory toys
somthing to destract him so he dont scream
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thankyou all for your support and hugss Smile

hes not in pain

hes just doin it to annoy us and laughs after he does it .. he just refuses to co operate

just have to remain patient i suppose and see if it will pass Sad

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