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Hi, my daughters 8 and we see cahms for her. They thought she might have adhd at first but after assessing her in school they think now its a problem with her social skills, possibly aspergers. the school are bein EXACTLY the same as you describe. They are a fantastic school and have been great with my son who has cystinosis, but because my daughter is doing good educationally that's all they're interested in. She comes home every day crying about how the Children have been with her but she doesn't tell her teachers!! So when I go in to complain they know nothing about it. Cahms have offered to arrange a meeting with the school to discuss ways to help her socially, she's very good at reading so they've suggested mentoring for her to help her use her skills to bond with children. Its so hard. I do think she's depressed, she takes it out on us screaming and shouting how everyone hates her and she may aswell not be here Sad trouble is, everything takes so long to sort out but while we're waiting, the upset just carries on.

We have cahms this morning so we'll see how that goes, they're going to try and work with emily on her own to pinpoint her social problems and perhaps work with her on them.

Just wanted to share your not on your own Smile xx
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have you seen parent partner ship they might beable to help you

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(01-27-2011, 10:15 PM)k-lou Wrote:
(01-27-2011, 07:27 PM)kellypip Wrote:
(01-27-2011, 07:20 PM)jacknchloesmum Wrote: so sorry our jacks school the and again he is the first in his school with AS

its so annoying, i don't know why they can't have some sort of specialist unit/school, or make social skills a subject for pupils to study, i am going to write to our local mp, not that it will get me anywhere, but need to get a few things of my chest!

my daughter(13 now) was assesed for statement before going to nursery age 3 the ed phsycologist came to my home and did her assesments as for social skills they are very important as is your child being happy.if you are not satisfied that your children should be in mainstream then you need to speak to the head of your lea contact through local council usualy if your childrens socialability is not being taken care of then their education will eventually suffer. dont know if you are aware but mainstream schools get brownie points off the auhorities for having "special needs children" in thier school. my local school also said they coped very well with my daughter until i started going into school with my youngest child to get her settled in and i saw first hand how they "coped" with her, they practically ignored her and as soon as they saw i was watching they started interacting with her. 1 to 1 support worker was very often in another part of the school, my daughter ran of from school twice because she wasn being properly suppervised, she has no sense of danger or spacial awarness. dont let them get away withit make your point and do what you need to do for you and your children. stay strong and good luck

thank you so much for your reply, i'm a woman on a mission today!
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