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aww hope he is feelin better soon xx
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jaimee grade 4 ivh hemiplegia cp and global development delay
love my 3 girls all the world mommys perfect princesses xxxx
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Oh bless him - and thank goodness you took him to your GP early on too! Glad he's on the mend but like you say there's a way to go yet - and hopefully, that way is up! x
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thank you every one jack loads better but still as quiet a big lump on his neckConfused not entirely happy with his health yet!
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havent been here for a while as had no computer, just read this and wanted to send you some hugs. you have all been through a very scarry time but im glad to read that Jack is on the mend xx
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bless u i know how ya feel my baby just come out hospital been in mostly since he beeen
born only come out wed was bck in last night Sad sending u my love xx

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