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(01-21-2011, 09:45 AM)sensai2004 Wrote: we live in the portsmouth area and aparently there budget is £30,000 but some of the work is taxable so they estimate about £26,000 they actually spend on the property.When the council came to view our house they told us of another local family who were aproved the grant but complications arose during the work and they have been left with incompleted adaptions because the council wouldnt add to the £30,000 pot.we were told that we were rejected purley on the grounds of money.We had recieved a phone call prior to the accessment and were told they were going to reject us on the grounds of overcrowding but we just got away with that one as our kiddies are only very young at the mo and only classed as half people :-) thankyou for your suggestions i will deff be looking into them,Scotts only 3 at the mo so carrying him around isnt to much of a problem but i wouldnt like to be doing this in a couple of years time

Hi we are home owners also and had the £30,000 dfg towards adaptions,you need to ask social services for the rest of the monies as we did £18,000,they put a charge on your mortgage so you only have to pay it back if you sell and move on.

I know your child is only 3 yrs old and you can manage now but long term you will definately need this adaption done.

Good luck and keep pushing SS.

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