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hi chrissie, i really feel for you as i was in much the same position a couple years ago, although i was a single mum. i refused to have anyone in the house overnight as it just wasnt going to give me a break so i hassled SS over and over and eventually they found a Registered Nurse (we didnt know at the time but she's the head nurse at the SN school jacob goes to) who is registered with them as a temporary foster carer. i know it sounds dramatic and i hated the idea that he was under a foster carer rather than respite, but they pay her to have him at her house for 24 hours a week, she has all the equipment he needs and being a nurse is able to provide any care. like your little one my son is also medically very complex and we spent our first 18 months completely in hospital. as it was just me and him alone and together for all that time it took a lot for me to get to the point where i felt able to send him away to someone else for the night...but he's been going for 18 months now and we have never looked back. he loves it, my 4 year old (who out of everyone definitely suffered the most through the worst times, he would go months without seeing me or jacob if we were away in another hospital in a different part of the country) loves the 1:1 time with me and now i have a new partner so its nice to be able to spend some time with him too.
please keep on at social services and the hospital soon, my friend eventually got 1 night a fortnight hospital respite when her little one was on TPN (while they were training up a carer for home), the will hopefully be able to sort something out for you, but it may take a while to find someone suitable.
also im not sure how old scott is (if i click on your profile i'll lose everything ive written lol) but for me it has gotten easier, jacob is still as complex and dependent but i am learning to cope with him better and find little short cuts, mainly i think because i have developed a huge dislike for hospitals and would do anything to keep him at home these days. i know its easy to say things will get better, i really couldnt see the light at the end of the tunnel but after a course of strong anti-depressants, life is managable, we're even crazy enough to be expecting another baby later this year.
carrie xxx
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Hi Chrissie,
Im so glad your learning to drive as it will take some of the pressure of you without a doubt.
Its quite ironic im the only driver in the house and i bleeding hate driving all the time so much so i feel like a chaffuer Big Grin
Lucy is learning to drive and im delighted as i know life will be so much easier for even those little things like the time we need milk and as the shop is a good mile away its upto me to take the car Sad
So with Lucys driving comes a little freedom from driving and im sure your other half will notice this over time.
Good luck with the driving and im proud of you for doing it Smile
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